The Character Therapist
“I needed a respected professional to edit my book for psychological terms and techniques, and Jeannie was just the expert I had hoped to find. She did such a brilliant job that I’m more than happy to recommend her to fellow writers who want their characters or plots vetted for psychological consistency.”

~ Alice Lynn
Multi-Published Author

The Character Therapist
“Jeannie Campbell offered fact-based motivation and eye-opening insights that helped create the believable, compelling characters my readers deserve. Just what the doctor ordered.”

~ Candace Calvert
ECPA bestselling author of The Mercy Hospital and Grace Medical series

The Character Therapist
“If you’re an author who wants to create the kind of characters that live and breathe on the page, The Character Therapist is the answer. She brings her professional expertise as a therapist into the fictional world to help authors bring their characters to life. And if you’re thinking don’t need Jeannie because your characters don’t have a mental disorders, think again. Jeannie will help you dig deep and create an internal arc that leaves readers salivating for more.”

~ Katie Ganshert
author of Wildflowers from Winter and Wishing on Willows