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A New Year, A New Look

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As you might have seen, The Character Therapist website has received a makeover! Updating a website is almost as fun as writing a book and seeing it take shape. I wanted more modern, and Website Ministries, LLC really delivered.

2020 has definitely had its challenges, and to commence 2021, I thought I’d go through with my update early, to start off on the right foot.

Ironic, because I’m on crutches right now, having just had a right hip labrum debridement and osteoplasty (reshaping of my femur head and neck). Apparently, one can be born with bones not quite shaped right and after running and hiking on said bones, they needed a makeover too.

Seeing opportunity in this surgery, though, has been a challenge. It’s hard to imagine getting back to my regular habits and activities, given that I need my husband’s help to put on my pants.

But isn’t that what 2021 will be all about? Trying to see opportunity through COVID19 and the high change it has wrought in all our lives, all the world over?

I, for one, am excited to embark on this discovery of what the new year will hold. As a therapist, COVID19 has been quite a boon. And no, not like you’re thinking, although there certainly is job security for mental health therapists. But I’ve been doing telehealth from home since mid-March, and haven’t skipped a beat. I believe telehealth options are going to be here to stay, or at least that’s my prediction. I’m looking for silver linings, my friends. I hope you are too.

Happy holidays to everyone. See you in 2021!

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  1. Lex Keating

    This is exciting!

    Sad, for the medical struggle and the rough year the pandemic has delivered for all of us.

    But this looks amazing. And your work speaks for itself.

    This is good. God is good. So are you.

    • Jeannie Campbell

      Thank you Lex! I love that you were my first comment to approve on my new site. ? It’s been a long while since we were in touch. I hope 2021 rectifies that. I’d love to hear from you, how you’re doing, what projects you’re are undoubtedly working on….all that. Happy new year to you!

  2. Shannon

    Jeannie! I love learning about all the wonderful work you have done, and continue to do, in the most creative ways! Your new and improved website looks amazing, too! So thankful you are on the mend! 😉

    • Jeannie Campbell

      Thank you Shannon! I’m getting out and about…it just wears me out a little sooner. Thanks for popping by my blog. ?

  3. Leslie R Means

    Is this page(s) still operational? I found it while going down rabbit hole and would like to get on the newsletter circuit.

    • Jeannie Campbell

      It’s operational, but I haven’t been blogging! I still accept Character Therapist clients, though!


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