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Characters need couch time too!

Character therapy is what happens when I utilize my professional training and experience as a licensed clinician to evaluate and diagnose fictional characters. (Before you ask, no, I’m not loony, I’m just passionate about using psychology to inform the creative writing process.)

When you see a counselor in real life, you fill out an intake form before the first session. Fictional characters are no exception. I’ve developed a series of questions that assess the character’s relevant backstory, motivation, and conflict in the story. After reviewing your answers, I’ll send more personalized questions to take your character deeper, just as in a therapy session. These additional questions vary per character, depending on the subject matters discussed.

Within five business days of receiving the additional answers, we will connect via phone, FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom for a consultation “assessment” where you will have me at your disposal. You’ll have already done the hard work by answering the questions to immerse me in your particular story world, so be ready to sit back and absorb the psychological fodder we’ll talk about to help you take your novel or screenplay to the next level.

For a sample intake form and additional questions, click here. Clicking the images below will send you to my Paypal shopping cart. After payment is received, you will be sent a link to the online intake form via email.

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