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Sketch Detailed Assessment – ONLY $49.99

Have you been told that your character lacks depth or isn’t very likable/relatable? Then your character needs some couch time with The Character Therapist! She will analyze the Detailed Assessment Form you will receive and send additional, probing questions to further flesh out her understanding and assessment of your character and story world. She’ll then connect with you via phone, FaceTime, or Skype for a one-hour consult to talk about the particular issues concerning your character.


Editing Services Therapeutic Editing
The Character Therapist is available to edit manuscripts with or without a mental health component to make sure that you as the writer are staying true to psychological facts and characterization. Price will depend on number of pages and the type of edit desired (copyedit, line edit, substantive, macro edit, etc.). She is open to reviewing detailed synopses, first chapters, particular scenes, or entire manuscripts. Email her with your project specifics for a quote.

“I needed a respected professional to edit my book for psychological terms and techniques, and Jeannie was just the expert I had hoped to find. She did such a brilliant job that I’m more than happy to recommend her to fellow writers who want their characters or plots vetted for psychological consistency.”

Alice Lynn, Multi-Published Author

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Consultation Services Skype/Telephone Consultation ($30/Half Hour)
If you want to bounce literary ideas off of a licensed therapist prior to committing to a writing project or if you just want to get feedback or additional insight into a work in progress, this would be a cost effective way to do so. Purchase session time with The Character Therapist in $30 half-hour increments. You won’t find prices this cheap for a therapist anywhere. You’d be expected to send in the character intake form ahead of the appointment to make sure to maximize your time on the couch.

“Character Therapist Jeannie Campbell offered fact-based motivation and eye-opening insights that helped create the believable, compelling characters my readers deserve. Just what the doctor ordered.”

Candace Calvert, ECPA bestselling author
The Mercy Hospital and Grace Medical series

Writer's Guide to Breaking Character Stereotypes Writer’s Guide to Breaking Character Stereotypes ($5)
All writers want to transcend fictional stereotypes on the page, but this is hard to do without deeper knowledge of the underlying reasons why certain people become walking clichés. In this guide of over 50 pages, The Character Therapist breaks down twelve common stereotypes and gives fresh, innovative background information essential for spicing up fictional depictions. The stereotypes covered are The Victim, The Cynic, The Tomboy, The Geek, The Do-Gooder, The Playboy, The Workaholic, The Neat Freak, The Ditz, The Narcissist, The Doormat, and The Lone Wolf.

Writer's Guide to Personality Types Writer’s Guide to Personality Types ($3)
Use the four classic personality types to your advantage when thinking about character development. Inherent in each type is conflict, inner goals, and motivations to make your characters more realistic. Take it straight from the document to your manuscript. Also useful for youth leaders, committee chairs, and other ministry leaders to understand the people you are working with, as well as for your group to better understand each other. 20 pages of material to add to your writer’s toolbox!

Writer's Guide to Personality Disorders Writer’s Guide to Personality Disorders ($4)
Now you can have all the information you need about personality disorders at your fingertips instead of trying to make sense of the psychologese of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Give your reader a reason to empathize with your villain or relate to your protagonist. Pick and choose a couple traits for each to give a weird quirk or neurosis. 10 disorders broken down over 34 pages.

Writer's Guide to Creating Rich Back Stories Writer’s Guide to Creating Rich Back Stories ($5)
A character’s back story is almost as important as the story unfolding on the page. Packed with insight based on a character’s family of origin (the people who raised him or her), this Writer’s Guide is the most informative yet, delving into 5 different parenting styles a character might grow up with, along with Attachment Theory and the 4 attachment styles a character might develop. The Character Therapist explains in detail the resulting impact both factors would have on the character as an adult. Ta-da! Your character’s back story in a nut shell. 37 pages.

Writer's Guide to Grief Writer’s Guide to Grief ($3)
Everyone experiences loss and no two grief reactions look the same. Step into the shoes of a therapist with years of experience helping people through their grief. Read about different types and manifestations of grief, some of which you’ll never have thought about before and represent a new way of looking at grief for your characters. The Character Therapist also briefly outlines the stages of grief before describing in detail the various facets of grief people experience, such as emotional response, cognition, behaviors, and physical perceptions. 19 pages.